Laser Alignment Services


   Auricle Vibration Services Pvt Ltd afford a complete Laser Shaft Alignment solution to all industries, using various laser alignment equipments like Easy laser, Optalign, Rotalign and fixture laser etc…

We are also provided and perform Pulley Alignment for the Belt Drives in most of the various industries like paper and power plants, etc.

Misalignment is a major risk and cost to production. It affects efficiency, safety and reliability of plant equipment. Extended machine reliability through laser alignment is a major factor in
increasing profitability by producing quality products more efficiently, with less time, and at reduced maintenance costs.

Some of the industries served with our Shaft Alignment, Flatness Alignment and Bore Alignment services are: –

  • Power Generation (alignment of turbine shafts and casings)
  • Metal and Non Metallic Industries (alignment of Gearboxes, blowers, Pumps, Fans, Compressors and Mills Etc…)
  • Offshore (Motor shaft alignment, generator alignment)
  • Manufacturing (pump and motor alignment, machine train alignment)
  • Process (alignment of kilns and pump alignment)
  • Oil & Gas (alternator shaft alignment and machine base alignment)

Benefits with Laser Shaft Alignment

  • Reduce Power consumption and cost saving can be done through accurate alignment.
  • Time saving and Decrease in consumption of manpower for carrying out alignment.
  • Protects the assets and increases product quality as the vibrations are reduced to very low levels.
  • Extends the machine availability as the mean time between failure increases.
  • Increases maintenance savings as spare parts consumption is reduced.
  • Avoid and protect from premature damages and overheating of bearings and couplings.